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为了精化加盟商的合作细节, 也为了最大限度的扩大现有品牌的影响力和更好的和各个加盟商长期合作, 公司将加盟审理时间改为2019年年底。有加盟意向的朋友可先通过下面的申请表进行申请,总部招商部工作人员会在加盟方案正式上线后与您联络。
In order to refine the cooperation details of franchise, as well as to maximize the influence of existing brands and better long-term cooperation with each franchisee, the head company changes the examination time of franchise to the end of 2019. Friend that has intention can complete the application form below first, the staff member of investment department from headquarter will contact with you after the joining plan formally go online.